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Photo Gallery


Signature Event
WNBA-Nashville Proclaims October is National Reading Group Month at The Southern Festival of Books "Breakfast with Authors" at the Nashville Public Library Downtown.

From L to R, seated: Marie Brenner (Author: Apples and Oranges), Kathryn Stockett (Author: The Help), Inman Major (Author: The Millionaires), 2006 WNBA Award recipient Perri Klass (Author: The Mercy Rule), Holly Goddard Jones (Author: Girl Trouble) with program emcee Nina Cardona (Host, Nashville Public Radio WPLN-FM). [Photo courtesy of Ginna Foster]

Chapter Events


WNBA-Boston Celebrates National Reading Group Month at The Library/Hotel 140. From L to R: Katherine Howe (Author: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane), Lisa Genova (Author: Still Alice), Margot Livesey (The House on Fortune Street) with moderators Vicki Levy Krupp and Judy Gelman (Co-authors: The Book Club Cookbook and The Kids' Book Club Book). [Photo courtesy of Lisa Braxton]


WNBA-Detroit Welcomes Regional Author at the Baldwin Public Library-Birmingham. Standing: Laura Kasischke (Author: In a Perfect World). [Photo courtesy of Annette Haley]

WNBA-Los Angeles

WNBA-Los Angeles Chapter President Kelly Sullivan Walden Takes a Break with Guests at the West Hollywood Book Fair. From L to R, seated: Dori Carter (Author: We Are Rich), Kelly Sullivan Walden (Author: I Had the Strangest Dream), Syrie James (Author: The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë); standing: Diana Birchall (Author: Mrs. Darcy's Dilemma). [Photo courtesy of Mark Bennington Photography]


WNBA-New York City Boosts a Terrific Author Line-up at the Mint Theater. From L to R, standing: Event co-moderator Rosalind Reisner (Author: Read On � Life Stories), Julie Metz (Author: Perfection: A Memoir), C.M. Mayo (Author: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire), Christina Baker Kline (Author: Bird in Hand), Eva Hoffman (Author: Appassionata), Roxana Robinson (Author: Cost), moderator Miriam Tuliao (NYPL). [Photo courtesy of Gerald Reisner]

WNBA-San Francisco

WNBA-San Francisco Chapter President Lynn Henriksen Greets Audience at Book Passage/Corte Madera. From L to R, seated: 2008 WNBA Award recipient Kathi Kamen Goldmark (Author: And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You), Christopher Gortner (Author: The Last Queen), Tanya Egan Gibson (Author: How to Buy a Love Reading); standing: Lynn Henriksen (aka The Story Woman). [Photo courtesy of Lynn Henriksen]

WNBA-San Francisco

WNBA National President Joan Gelfand Guides the Conversation at the Gathering Hosted by BookShop West Portal. From L to R, standing: Joan Gelfand (Author: A Dreamer's Guide to Cities and Streams); seated: Charlie Haas (Author: The Enthusiast), Meg Waite Clayton (Author: The Wednesday Sisters), Allison Hoover Bartlett (Author: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much), Mary Mackey (Author: The Widow's War). [Photo courtesy of Paula Hendricks]


WNBA-Seattle Packs the House at Third Place Books. From L to R, seated: Jamie Ford (Author: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet), Garth Stein (Author: The Art of Racing in the Rain), Jim Lynch (Author: Border Songs), Diane Hammond (Author: Hannah's Dream), Stephanie Kallos (Author: Sing Them Home); L, standing: Mary Harris (Co-owner: Parkplace Books); missing: Nancy Pearl (Author: Book Lust Series and Book Crush). [Photo courtesy of Cheryl McKeon]

WNBA-Washington D.C.

WNBA-Washington DC National Reading Group Month Event Features One-on-One Author Chat at Politics & Prose. From L to R, seated: Mark LaFramboise (Trade Book Buyer: P&P), Edward Jones (Author: The Known World), Carla Cohen (Co-owner, P&P). [Photo courtesy of Judy Leaver]

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